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once you have selected your preferred vendor, you can either call eventsandhalls.com on 09090227240 to verify the availability of the vendor for the needed date before payments can be made, or send us an email at care@eventsandhalls.com

When vendors are unavailable for a specific date, please feel free to choose another vendor for verification also, or we can make other good suggestions to you.

All payments are to be made to the account number specified on the website and a proof of payment also sent to the management on care@eventsandhalls.com or call us on 09090227240 to verify reciept

Account name: solomon Esekhile-leo
Bank Details: Zenith bank 2080038915
GTBank: 0033137776

Upon receipt of payment, the vendors will be contacted to proceed with all the necessary requirements

You will also be required to provide all your necessary information with which our vendors can reach you; including full name, Address, Event location, Phone number(s), and email address

1. Refund is possible on all cash paid to eventsandhalls.com for a vendor services as long as no form of services have been rendered to such a client.
2. Refund of cash on Hotels or Halls booking is only possible if non of the cash has been remitted to the Hotel or Hall owner.
3. In a case where a client wants a refund on money that has been remitted to the Hall or hotel owner, such a client will have to abide by the refund policy of the Hall or Hotel owners.
4. Payments are not to be made to vendors directly as it is a controlled system and eventsandhalls.com cannot guarantee any form of refund in a case of any mishap, and will not be held responsible for non delivery of services.
5. Vendors are independent bodies and they are responsible for bearing the reults of their actions (Eventsandhalls.com will not be held responsible for any form of inconvenience caused by a vendor in the cause of rendering their services).