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WWE: “BROKEN” Hardys in “WONDERFUL” matches, Matt responds

WWE alludes to “BROKEN” Hardy Boys in “WONDERFUL” matches, Matt Hardy responds

Whilst it isn’t out of the ordinary for WWE to reference former superstars via social media, many eyebrows were raised when the WWE Network Twitter account tweeted about Matt and Jeff being “BROKEN” after facing each other at Wrestlemania. Matt Hardy has been “broken” ever since feuding with his brother Jeff in Impact Wrestling in mid 2016. This feud led to the “deletion” of Jeff Hardy, now known as Brother Nero who has taken on broken traits of his own. The two are currently the Ring of Honor tag team champions.

Today the WWE Universe twitter account responded to a fan about the Matt vs Jeff match at Wrestlemania 25, calling it “WONDERFUL”. Wonderful of course, being one of the phrases of Broken Matt.

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