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Organized Religion: An Albatross Against Our Social Instincts By Modiu Olaguro

Lately, I’ve found it irritating when I meet people and they ask if I’m Muslim or Christian.

Could they be so shallow not to know that — at least in this era — religion has had absolutely no effect on our morals, conducts, and dispositions?

The reality is glaring for all to see. From the civil servant with no holes in her ear to the trader with loose clothing, its the same story of deceit and hypocrisy. Call it false generalisation if you want.

Some illiterate kobonaires who can hardly feed quote the revealed text to justify the perversion of their dangling testicles while the nation keeps bearing the brunt through spiralling hooliganism and brigandage.

At the other end of the line — as with the former — it’s their way or no way; every commercial bus is an altar, all the classes in the university are pulpits!

These go on while the enemies of the people keep destroying the nation. Till 1999 or thereabout, Christians still eat our Sallah Ram; my family also enjoy the Christmas Chicken.

Presently, from north down to the south, we have allowed religion to destroy our socialization so much so that the Sheep and Goat now toss their compasses at us.

Love between a lass and lad — the purest form of socialization is most hit in this regard. A JW fella must never marry an outsider — that includes everyone without a witnessing bag; Aishah cannot date Raphael. Are we not in soup?

We are no longer human beings first, but Christians or Muslims. To be a traditionalist is to receive a wink of eternal condemnation.

Our sense of justice has become so perverted and tainted that truth now undergoes a semblance of Einstein’s relativity theory via rationalization under spiritual lenses.

With 85 million Christians and 85 million Muslims, Nigeria became and remains the most corrupt nation on earth.

With over 1000000 Churches and 1000000 Mosques, the killings keep increasing. The injustice in the land is so widespread you’d think all the inhabitants here are Children of the Satan.

The Human Brain was supposed to perfect us as superior creatures. With 100 billion cells within it, the termite should be learning from us,  not the other way round.

I’ve laid bare my thoughts as a confused creature who believes, as Friedrich Nietzsche wrote, that “there are no facts, only interpretations.”

For the first time, I’m not being critical over an issue of serious importance. It pains me to see us divided over what ordinarily should unite us as descendants of Adam — or Monkey.

We cannot move forward as a people with baggage as heavy as this. We cannot.

Modiu is undergoing a Masters’ degree in Mathematics Education at the University of Lagos.

Email: [email protected]

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