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Wojciech Smarzowski’s ‘Hatred’ Scoops Top Prizes at Polish Film Awards

Laszlo Nemes’ ‘Son of Saul’ was awarded as the best European film.

Wołyń (Hatred) by Wojciech Smarzowski was awarded as the year’s best film at the Polish Eagles, the country’s main film award and local equivalent of the Oscars, at a ceremony in Warsaw on Monday.

Smarzowski also collected the best director’s award for Hatred, a love story set against the backdrop of the Second World War

The film earned the highest number of nominations, 14 in total, and ended up with eight awards, including those for the best photography, the best editing and the best music.

Robert Bolesto, the writer of Jan P. Matuszyński’s Ostatnia rodzina (The Last Family), picked up the best screenplay award.

The movie’s stars Aleksandra Konieczna and Andrzej Seweryn were awarded as the best actress and the best actor, respectively.

Focused on the unusual life of a well-known artistic family, The Last Family also brought Matuszyński the discovery of the year award.

Agata Kulesza received the best supporting actress’ award for her role in Jestem mordercą (I’m a Killer) by Maciej Pieprzyca, and Arkadiusz Jakubik collected the best supporting actor prize for the same film.

Laszlo Nemes’ Son of Saul, the winner of the Oscar in the best foreign-language film category last year, was awarded as the best European film.

The ceremony took a slightly political note when Seweryn appeared onstage to announce the winner in the discovery of the year category disguised as U.S. President Donald Trump.


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